Caffe Torelli

In 2001 the Caffe Torelli coffee roasting business was born supplying quality coffee to the catering market. Within a short period of time, the business has generated an enormous amount of interest from all areas of the industry.

Cafe Torelli brings the very best in speciality coffee to the high street consumer and has already enjoyed rave reviews from it's growing customer base.

Born into the industry as the son of Mr Costa himself, Marco Costa is an energetic man. His enthusiasm for his new adventure is contagious. Right from the outset the principals of Caffe Torelli were determined that theirs would not be “just another coffee business“. Marco and his team know that to prepare a good blend is like a symphony played by an orchestra.

No single type of coffee can produce the perfect "cup". A steaming cup of coffee can reveal a thousand and one things to anyone who is passionately interested in coffee. Therefore, knowing the origin of the coffee that is about to be roasted is just as important.

Central American coffees are fresh and fruity, African  green beans are usually spicy and pungent. The characteristics of each species must be properly understood before roasting in order to produce a blend with the right body, and harmonic taste and rich aroma.

Our beans are roasted slowly in small batches, ground carefully and packaged immediately to retain their optimum freshness. The whole operation is monitored by an on-site laboratory,which also deals with the extensive quality checking that is key to the Caffè Torelli production process.

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