Filter, Bulk and Cafetiere Coffee


Fine Kenyan coffees blended with Colombian beans makes this a perfect start to your day. Lightly roasted, the Kenyan coffee beans deliver a zesty acidic kick – a great pick me up at breakfast time.

Available in 40x85g sachets


Each of the four coffees have been roasted separately then blended together to offer a truly exceptional coffee. Made from only Arabica beans this coffee offers a medium body with a hint of lemon zest. Suitable for all day drinking.

Available in 40x70g sachets


Predominantly African coffees are used to provide a well rounded brew that works well with milk or cream. A full flavour coffee, with nutty tones and a great rich flavour. Enjoy any time of the day.

Available in 45x60g sachets Fairtrade

Premium Blend

Roasted a little darker, this is a blend for the discerning coffee drinker. Fine Arabica coffees delivering a taste of roasted almonds. Suitable for all day drinking.

Available in 45 x 60g sachets


An easy all day drinking coffee with a smooth flavour. Can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Available in 45x50g sachets Fairtrade


A smooth, well rounded coffee, great for any time of day.

Available in 45x40g sachets Fairtrade


Smooth, sweet and fruity with complex notes of almond, peach and passion fruit. Bright acidity and rich flavour at the front of the cup with a persistent sweet and syrupy finish. 

Available in 1x227g bag


Low acidity and a medium dark roast giving dark chocolate flavour characteristic of Central American coffee beans.

Available in 24x120g sachets


Citrus notes developing into a smooth, rich filter coffee with distinctive colombian nutty flavour, also notes of butterscotch. It has good depth of flavour, medium bodied.

Available in 24x115g sachets Fairtrade


A lively acidity developing into a velvety bold rich flavour. It has intense smoky aroma and notes of burnt sugar, toast and bittersweet chocolate.

Available in 1x227g bag         Fairtrade Rainforest Alliance Organic

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