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Buying Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance coffee means giving equal attention to social, economic and environmental issues. With over 50 years of roasting experience this unique range of certified coffees has been roasted to produce espresso beans with outstanding flavours.

Espresso Beans

Marcala espresso beans

A lively acidity developing into a velvety bold rich flavour. It has intense smoky aroma and notes of burnt sugar, toast and bittersweet chocolate. Giving a complex espresso that also mixes extremely well with milk.

Fairtrade Rainforest Alliance Organic

Karema fairtrade espresso beans

Mainly Arabica coffees of low acidity giving a strong but rounded flavour. Some blueberry and blackberry notes, and "toasted" characteristics.


Santos espresso beans

Full bodied and creamy with red cherry and dark chocolate notes throughout. Thick and satisfying with a powerful kick balanced by molasses sweetness and subtle acidity.



Millions of farmers depend on selling their crops to survive, but it is a risky business when prices drop it can spell disaster for farmers and ultimately they may loose their land and their livelihood.

By buying Fairtrade coffee you are giving farmers a chance to sell their products at a stable price that covers their costs and enables them to support their families and invest in a better future.

Rainforest Alliance

The mission of the Rainforest Alliance is to protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them by transforming land use practices and consumer behaviour. Rigorous standards are imposed to conserve biodiversity and provide sustainable livelihoods.


The Soil Associations aim is to promote the highest level of organic integrity. The Soil Association standards must meet consumer expectations and become a benchmark for organic globally. Combined with rigorous certification procedures this means that the Soil Associations symbol has become the organic symbol of trust.

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